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1. Nuclear export of mRNA and its coupling to transcription.

Export of RNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm is essential for gene expression. Most of the export pathways for RNA involve export receptors of the RanGTP-dependent importin β superfamily. We have found that export of mRNA requires another type of transport receptor called Mex67-Mtr2, which opened in-depth research on the mechanism of mRNA export and allowed the dissection of the conserved mRNA export machinery. Moreover, the mRNA export receptor functions via coupling to mRNA binding proteins, which serve as adapters.

Another conceptual advance was the discovery that mRNA export is extensively coupled to transcription and to TREX (TRanscription-EXport) complexes, which play crucial roles in coupling co-transcriptional mRNP assembly with recruitment of mRNA export adaptors. Another exciting research achievement was the finding that transcription initiation at promoters is coupled to mRNA export and can involve ‘gene gating’ during which an activated gene becomes tethered at the inner side of the NPC. Future studies involve the mechanistic understanding of how mRNP biogenesis and surveillance is coupled to mRNA export.

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Andrew M. Ellisdon, Lyudmila Dimitrova, Ed Hurt and Murray Stewart:
Structural basis for assembly and nucleic acid binding of the TREX-2 transcription-export complex
and its function in mRNA nuclear export
.Nat.Struct.Mol.Biol. 19, 328-336 (2012).

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Alwin Koehler,Eric Zimmermann, Maren Schneider, Ed Hurt and Ning Zheng:
Structural basis for assembly and activation of the heterotetrameric SAGA histone
H2B deubiquitinase module
.Cell 141, 606-617 (2010).

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Alwin Köhler, Maren Schneider, Ghislain Cabal, Ulf Nehrbass and Ed Hurt:
Yeast Ataxin-7 links histone deubiquitination with gene gating and mRNA export
.Nat. Cell Biol. 10, 707-15 (2008).

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Alwin Köhler and Ed Hurt: Exporting RNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
.Nature Rev. Mol. Cell Biol. 8, 761-773 (2007).

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Ghislain Cabal, Susana Rodrigez-Navarro, August Genevesio, Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin, Christophe Zimmer, Olivier Gadal, Frank Feuerbach-Fournier, Annick Lesne, Henri Buc, Ed Hurt* and Ulf Nehrbass* (*corresponding authors): Molecular Analysis of SAGA Mediated Gene Gating In Yeast
.Nature 441, 770-773 (2006).

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Susana Rodriguez-Navarro, Tamás Fischer, Ming-Juan Luo, Oreto Antunez, Susanne Brett-
schneider, Jose E. Perez-Ortin, Robin Reed, and Ed Hurt:
Sus1, a functional component of
the SAGA histone acetylase complex and the nuclear pore-associated mRNA export machinery
.Cell 116, 75-86 (2004).

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Katja Sträßer, Seiji Masuda, Paul Mason, Jens Pfannstiel, Marisa Oppizzi, Susana Rodriguez-
Navarro, Ana G. Rondón, Andres Aguilera, Kevin Struhl, Robin Reed, and Ed Hurt:

TREX is a conserved complex coupling transcription with mRNA export -
.Nature 417, 304-308 (2002)