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Gunes Bozkurt, Goran Stjepanovic, Fabio Vilardi, Stefan Amlacher, Klemens Wild, Gert Bange, Vincenzo Favaloro, Karsten Rippe, Ed Hurt, Bernhard Dobberstein and Irmgard Sinning: Structural insights into tail-anchored protein binding and membrane insertion by Get3
.Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106, 21131-21136 (2009).

Julien Batisse, Claire Batisse, Aidan Budd, Bettina Böttcher and Ed Hurt: Purification of poly(A)-binding protein Nab2 reveals association with the yeast transcriptome and a messenger ribonucleoprotein (mRNP) core structure
.J.Biol.Chem. 284, 354911-354917 (2009).

Brigitte Pertschy, Claudia Schneider, Maren Gnädig, Thorsten Schäfer, David Tollervey and Ed Hurt: RNA helicase Prp43 and its co-factor Pfa1 promote 20S to 18S rRNA processing catalyzed by the endonuclease Nob1
.J.Biol.Chem. 284, 35079-35091 (2009).

Cornelia Ulbrich, Meikel Diepholz, Jochen Baßler, Dieter Kressler, Brigitte Pertschy, Kiki Galani, Bettina Böttcher and Ed Hurt: Mechanochemical Removal of Ribosome Biogenesis Factors from Nascent 60S Ribosomal Subunits
.Cell 138, 911-922 (2009).

Sébastien Ferreira-Cerca and Ed Hurt: Arrest by Ribosome
.Nature 459, 46-47 (2009).

Christoph Klöckner, Maren Schneider, Sheila Lutz, Dieter Kressler, Divyang Jani, Murray Stewart, Ed Hurt and Alwin Köhler: Mutational Uncoupling of Sus1's role in NPC-targeting of an mRNA Export Complex and Histone H2B deubiquitination
.J. Biol. Chem. 284, 12049-12056 (2009).

Marius Boulos Faza, Stefan Kemmler, Sonia Jimeno, Christina González-Aguilera, Andres Aguilera, Ed Hurt and Vikram Govind Panse: Sem1 is a functional component of the nuclear pore complex associated mRNA export machinery
.J. Cell Biol. 184, 833-846 (2009).

Divyang Jani, Sheila Lutz, Neil J. Marshall, Tamas Fischer, Alwin Köhler, Andrew M. Ellisdon, Ed Hurt and Murray Stewart: Sus1, Cdc31 and the Sac3 CID region form a conserved interaction platform that promotes nuclear pore association and mRNA export
.Mol. Cell 33, 727-737 (2009).

Jun Katahira, Hitomi Inoue, Ed Hurt, Yoshihiro Yoneda: The adaptor Aly and co-adaptor Thoc5 function in Tap-p15 mediated nuclear export of HSP70 mRNA
.EMBO J. 28, 556-567 (2009).

Michal Skruzny, Claudia Schneider, Attila Racz, Julan Weng, David Tollervey and Ed Hurt:: An endoribonuclease functionally linked to perinuclear mRNP quality control associates with the nuclear pore complexes
.PLoS Biology 7 e8 (2009).

Lindsay S. Garrenton, Andreas Braunwarth, Stefan Irniger, Ed Hurt, Markus Künzler and Jeremy Thorner: Nucleus-Specific and Cell Cycle-Regulated Degradation of MAPK Scaffold Protein Ste5 Contributes to the Control of Signaling Competence
.Mol. Cell Biol. 29, 582-601 (2009).

Thierry Lacombe, Juan J. García-Gómez, Jesús de la Cruz, Daniela Roser, Ed Hurt, Patrick Linder and Dieter Kressler: Linear ubiquitin fusion to Rps31 and its subsequent cleavage 1 are required for the efficient production and functional integrity of 40S ribosomal subunits
.Mol. Microbiol. 72, 69-84 (2009).

Dirk Flemming, Philipp Sarges, Philipp Stelter, Andrea Hellwig, Bettina Boettcher and Ed Hurt: A toxic nucleoporin mutant induces abarrent nucleoporin foci in the cytoplasm
.J. Cell Biol. 185, 387-396 (2009).

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