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Lisa Gasse, Dirk Flemming and Ed Hurt:
Coordinated ITS2 rRNA processing by the Las1 complex integrating
endonuclease, polynucleotide kinase and exonuclease activities
.Mol. Cell 60(5):808-15. doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2015.10.021. (2015).

Elisa Pesce, Claudia Minici, Jochen Baßler, Ed Hurt, Massimo Degano,
Piera Calamita and Stefano Biffo:

Direct and high throughput (HT) interactions on the ribosomal surface by iRIA
.Sci Rep. 5:15401. doi: 10.1038/srep15401 (2015).

Tobias Stuwe, Christopher J. Bley, Karsten Thierbach, Stefan Petrovic,
Sandra Schilbach, Daniel J. Mayo, Thibaud Perriches, Emily J. Rundlet, Young Jeon,
Leslie N. Collins, Daniel H. Lin, Marcin Paduch, Akiko Koide, Vincent Lu, Jessica Fischer,
Ed Hurt, Shohei Koide, Anthony A. Kossiakoff, André Hoelz:

Architecture of the nuclear pore inner ring complex
.Science350, 56-64 (2015).

Jessica Fischer, Roman Teimer, Stefan Amlacher, Ruth Kunze and Ed Hurt:
Linker Nups connect the nuclear pore complex inner ring with outer ring and transport channel
.Nature Struct. Mol. Biol. 22, 774-81 (2015).

Matthias Thoms, Emma Thomson Jochen Baßler, Marén Gnädig, Sabine Griesel and Ed Hurt:
The exosome is recruited to RNA substrates through specific adapter proteins.
.Cell162, 1029-1038 (2015).

Clara Barrio-Garcia, Matthias Thoms, Dirk Flemming, Lukas Kater, Jochen Baßler,
Roland Beckmann and Ed Hurt:

Architecture of a ribosome assembly bound to a combined remodeling-checkpoint machinery
.Nature Struct. Mol. Biol, accepted (2015).

Patrick Pausch Ujjwala Singh, Yasar Luqman Ahmed, Florian Altegoer, Gunter Stier,
Matthias Thoms, Ed Hurt, Irmgard Sinning, Gert Bange and Dieter Kressler:

Co-translational capturing of nascent ribosomal proteins by their dedicated chaperones
.Nat. Comm. 6, 7494 (2015).

Shintaro Aibara, Eugene Valkov, Meindert Lamers, Lyudimila Dimitrova, Ed Hurt
and Murray Stewart:

Structural characterization of the principal mRNA export factor Mex67:Mtr2from
Chaetomium thermophilum
.Acta Cryst. F71, 876-888 (2015).

Jochen Baßler und Ed Hurt:
Einblicke in die 'Kinderstube' während der Ribosomen-Entwicklung
.Biospektrum (Springer Verlag) 02.15, 144-147 (2015).

Ed Hurt und Martin Beck:
Toward understanding nuclear pore complex architecture and dynamics in the age of
integrative structural analysis
.Curr. Opin. Cell Biol. 34:31-38. doi: 10.1016/j.ceb.2015.04.009 (2015).

Jun Katahira, Lyudmila Dimitrova, Yumiko Imai, Ed Hurt:
NTF2-like domain of Tap plays a critical role in cargo mRNA recognition and export
.Nucl. Acid Res 3, 1894-904 (2015).

Philipp Stelter, Ferdinand Huber, Ruth Kunze, Dirk Flemming, André Hoelz and Ed Hurt:
Coordinated ribosomal L4 protein assembly into the pre-ribosome is regulated by
its eukaryote-specific extension
.Mol. Cell 58, 854-862 (2015).

Fabiola R. Calviño, Satyavati Kharde, A. Ori, Astrid Hendricks, Klemens Wild,
Dieter Kressler, Gert Bange, Ed Hurt, Martin Beck and Irmgard Sinning:

Symportin 1 chaperones 5S RNP assembly during ribosome biogenesis by occupying an
essential rRNA-binding site
.Nature Com. 6:6510. doi: 10.1038/ncomms7510 (2015).

Lyudmila Dimitrova, Eugine Valkow, Shinataro Aibara, Dirk Flemming, Steven McLaughlin,
Ed Hurt and Murray Stewart:

Characterization of the Chaetomium thermophilum TREX-2 complex and its interaction
with the mRNA nuclear export factor MEX67:MTR2
.Structure 23, 1246-1257 (2015).

Monika Gaik, Dirk Flemming, Alexander von Appen, Panagiotis Kastritis, Philipp Stelter,
Khanh Huy Bui, Alessandro Ori, Jochen Bassler, Jessica Fischer, Elisar Barbar, Martin Beck and Ed Hurt:

Structural basis for assembly and function Nup82 complex in the nuclear pore scaffold
.J. Cell Biol. 208, 283-297 doi/10.1083/jcb.201411003 (2015).

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