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2. Formation and nuclear export of ribosomal subunits.

Eukaryotic ribosome formation in the nucleus is a highly dynamic process, which involves the transient interaction of more than 150 non-ribosomal factors with the evolving pre-ribosomal particle in the nucleus. The analysis of the biogenesis and export of ribosomal subunits has been greatly facilitated by the development of the first functional GFP-tagged ribosomal reporters in my laboratory, which allowed us to perform genetic screens for ribosomal export mutants and yielded genes involved not only in export but
also in ribosome biogenesis. By these approaches, we have obtained insights into the complicated mechanism of 60S subunit export, which involves three different types of export receptors. Moreover, we have isolated and ordered pre-ribosomal particles along the path from the nucleolus to the cytoplasm and thus have obtained biochemical “snapshots” of the dynamic nascent 60S and 40S subunits. In addition, we have determined the 3D-EM structure of pre-ribosomal particles (in collaboration with Bettina Böttcher and Meikel Diepholz, EMBL, Heidelberg/Germany). Finally, we could develop in vitro assays to monitor pre-ribosome maturation both by structural and biochemical means. Thus, by applying a variety of interdisciplinary approaches, we could clarify complicated steps of ribosome formation. Future studies involve the mechanistic understanding of the complicated steps during ribosome biogenesis by performing a detailed structure/function analysis of pre-ribosomal particles.

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  Download (pdf-file 1,4 Mb)
Jochen Bassler, Martina Kallas, Matthias Thoms, Cornelia Ulbrich, Brigitte Pertschy and Ed Hurt:
The AAA-ATPase Rea1 drives removal of biogenesis factors during multiple stages of 60S ribosome assembly
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  Download (pdf-file 1,7 Mb)
Cornelia Ulbrich, Meikel Diepholz, Jochen Baßler, Dieter Kressler, Brigitte Pertschy, Kiki Galani, Bettina Boettcher and Ed Hurt:
Mechanochemical Removal of Ribosome Biogenesis Factors from Nascent 60S Ribosomal Subunits
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  Download (pdf-file 2,1 Mb)
Dieter Kressler, Daniela Roser, Brigitte Pertschy and Ed Hurt: The AAA-ATPase Rix7 powers
progression of ribosome biogenesis by stripping Nsa1 from pre-60S particles
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  Download (pdf-file 2,1 Mb)
Bettina Bradatsch, Jun Katahira, Eva Kowalinski, Gert Bange, Wei Yao, Toshihiro Sekimoto,
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Yoneda, Irmi Sinning and Ed Hurt:
Arx1 functions as alternative nuclear export receptor
for the 60S pre-ribosomal subunit
.Mol. Cell 27, 767-779 (2007).

  Download (pdf-file 1,2 Mb)
Thorsten Schäfer, Bohumil Maco, Elisabeth Petfalski, David Tollervey, Bettina Boettcher,
Ueli Aebi and Ed Hurt:
A round of phosphorylation/de-phosphorylation triggers maturation of the pre-ribosomal 40S subunit
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  Download (pdf-file 1,05 Mb)
Tracy A. Nissan, Kyriaki Galani, Bohumil Maco, David Tollervey, Ueli Aebi and Ed Hurt:
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maturation of 60S subunits
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A ribosomal pre-60S Particle in Motion (movie made by M. Diepholz, EMBL)

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